About Us



The RZN (reason) Wines name sake
comes from two different aspects:
The first is simple, each of our family's first names:


Rachelle Axline
Zane Axline
Nate Axline


The second part comes from my (Nate's)
passion for skateboarding.
It was one of those things the parents thought
I would grow out of, but it just never stopped.
So coming up with a name,
it was a no brainer,
put my most passionate things together...
Family & Skateboarding


Our goal at RZN (reason) is very simple,

Less Is More.

We want to showcase the amazing nuances that

wine grapes have to offer and do it by doing less.

Less chemicals in the vineyard,

less additions in the winery,

less manipulation on all fronts.


Other than wine, we also try do our best to practice

Less Is More in our everyday life.


By applying this idea to our life, we hope

future generations will get to

enjoy everything we do today.


Nate Axline Bio:

Worked in Sales in the skate/ surf/ snow industry for 12 years. Ranging from sales at Skate/ Surf Shops to running a national sales team for a worldwide snowboard/ ski outerwear brand.

With the help of a skate homie, I got my first wine job pouring tastings at a winery. That spawned 1000's of questions of everything wine. Luckily had some good friends and we did a ton of tastings and really dug into the world of wine. After a year in the wine biz, as an extra part time job, I made the switch from the skate/ surf / snow world to all wine.

Started in tasting room sales and eventually to management, but with random timing I ended up in the cellar of Liquid Farm wines. I started at Liquid Farm as the Tasting Room Manager, and six months later I'm the Assistant Winemaker. This is where I cut my chops, as well as keeping my chops to this day learning everything wine making.

The first year of RZN (reason) Wines was 2020, and each year since I've tried to dial in everything I've learned to this day. But also keep evolving, progressing and be better about everything we do.